Middle School


Parent/Guardian contact is the Middle School Secretary
Once the above forms have been submitted and parents have completed the online registration process the secretary will set up a meeting with the incoming student to complete the enrollment process.

At that meeting the secretary will:

  • Discuss matters related to the student’s academic record or placement including the need for Special Services, ESL or other special issues related to the student.
  • Have the student sign the agenda planner.
  • Discuss busing, financial assistance, lunch programs and school fees.
  • Obtain any missing records or information.
  • Give the student and parent a brief tour of the school.
  • Give the parent PowerSchool log-in information.

The secretary will arrange for a discussion with a counselor who will:

  • Determine student’s level placement in classes and finalize the student’s schedule.
  • Analyze transcripts for past credits and attempt to find detailed descriptions of courses from previous school.
  • Give school student/parent guides to family.
  • Arrange a tour of the school.