Student Registration

New Families

Go to Your Specific School to Register

Elementary and Middle School secretaries are back at their buildings beginning Monday, August 2. Please contact your school for the best time to register your students.  For registering high school students, go to the main office at York HS.

**NOTE: If your child will be a student at Lincoln Elementary in 2022-23 please go to Edison Elementary (246 Fair Ave) to complete residency verification.

Current D205 Families

Needing to Provide Residency Verification

Please contact your school secretary for the best time to bring your reverification of residency documents. (e.g. expired or soon to expire lease; special residency situation)

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I locate my school boundaries?
    Click HERE scroll towards the middle of the webpage and enter your address. The school boundaries your home is located in will pop up.
  2. Can I complete registration documents before I come in to register?
    Yes! Click HERE - Forms to Complete
  3. What documents do I need to bring to registration?
    Click HERE - New Student Enrollment Checklist

General Information

New K-12 Students

Please visit New Student Enrollment Procedures Page.

New Early Childhood Students

New student enrollment for Early Childhood begins at the Madison Early Childhood Education Center at 130 W. Madison St. Please call (630) 617-2385 to make an appointment. 

New Student Enrollment

Families may enroll new students as follows:

  • Grades 9-12: Please contact York High School (call 630-617-2487)
  • Kindergarten: Please visit our Kindergarten Registration Page
  • Grades 1-8: Please contact at your child's home school. 

Parents may contact the District 205 Center at 630-834-4530 to obtain the name and location of the elementary school that serves their address. 

For more information about enrollment, please contact your local elementary school:

  • Edison, 246 Fair Ave. 630-834-4272
  • Emerson, 400 N. West Ave. 630-834-5562
  • Field, 295 Emroy Ave. 630-834-5313
  • Fischer, 888 N. Wilson Ave. 630-832-8601
  • Hawthorne, 145 Arthur St. 630-834-4541
  • Jackson, 925 Swain Ave. 630-834-4544
  • Jefferson, 360 E. Crescent 630-834-6261
  • Lincoln, 565 Fairfield Ave. 630-834-4548