SEL in D205

D205 is committed to supporting students’ social-emotional learning through a variety of practices, highlighted below!

SEL in D205_1

During their daily morning meeting in 4th grade, the student “morning-meeting leader” takes notes about the upcoming celebration that the class will work toward together! This provides opportunities for students to develop leadership in their class (relationship skills) & collective goal-setting (self-management)




SEL in D205_2



Kindergarten students begin their day by identifying how they are feeling today. This provides students the opportunity to identify their emotions (self-awareness). 





SEL in D205_3



3rd graders create positive affirmation books to use personally and also share with their peers when someone may need support! The students use their books to grow their confidence, control negative feelings, and help them focus on meeting a goal. This provides students the opportunities to link their feelings and thoughts (self-awareness).