Webinar Recordings

January 2023- D205 Presents: Special Education Snapshots

Brigid Peterson, D205's Assistive Technology Coordinator discussed the AT options available to students in the district, and discussed how AT is included in IEPs, and when/how to request an evaluation. Tim Wealton discussed what transition is, what it encompasses, and what D205 is doing to prepare our students for their future beyond school. Samantha Skaradzinski spoke about the district's two new literacy curriculums, Fundations and Wit & Wisdom, and explained what they cover, how they differ from previous literacy curriculums, and ways to support literacy from home.

October 2022  - What's New in Special Education

D205 Student Services Administrators shared the latest developments and improvements in our D205 special education resources for this school year. Details were shared about resources from Pre-K through Transition Center.

Screenshot from the presentation describing the strategic priorities and strategies


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April 2022  - Preparing for an IEP

Our April Parent meeting featured Pepi Silverman, from Bridge Educational Advocacy, presenting information on IEPs.

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Jan 2022  - Building Friendships 

As parents, we want our children to build trusted and meaningful friendships. 

In this panel, parents will share how they encouraged and fostered socialization for their child. Hear an honest discussion on which techniques worked well and which tactics they should have avoided.

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