School Closing Information

In instances of weather-related or other emergencies, you will receive an automated phone call from District 205. Email and text notifications will also be sent to those signed up for those notification services. 

One of the following emergency options will be implemented:

1. School will be closed for the day
2. School start times will use the Emergency Late Start schedule.

If you do not receive a phone message, email or text or find emergency closing information listed on the website, posted to the District's social media pages or in the media, then assume that school is in session. 

In addition to the direct phone message, text and email, the District posts emergency closing information in the following ways:

#1 Visit the District website -
      Closings will be posted on the home page.

#2 District Social Media pages
       Facebook         Twitter        Instagram 

#3 Visit the WGN Emergency Closing Center Web Site

#4 Call the WGN Emergency Closing Hotline
        Enter your school's main phone number

#5 Radio or TV
       Tune into the following radio or TV stations: 
        TV: ABC 7, NBC 5, CBS, WLS, WGN, FOX, CLTV
        AM Radio: WGN 720, WBBM News 780
        FM Radio: WBBM-105.9