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Who We Are

The REACH Parent Group (RPG) is organized and funded by the D205 PTA Council. We are a parent group dedicated to supporting gifted and talented programs in District 205 and encouraging higher level educational opportunities for ALL District 205 students.  Our areas of focus include:

  • Providing parent and student resources for gifted and advanced learners
  • Organizing advocacy at local and national levels
  • Sponsoring and/or promoting academic-based extra-curricular activities that are accessible to all students
  • Collaborating with REACH teachers to provide additional resources and student opportunities.


Here's how to stay updated on what is happening with the REACH Parent Group:

Questions about REACH Program details or the appeals process? Please see the D205 REACH website.

More questions? Please review the rest of our site and/or reach out to your school's REACH Representative.


Advocacy is an important part of ensuring that your child is provided the best learning environment based on their learning abilities.  The National Association for Gifted Children is an excellent advocacy resource for working with your teachers, school, administration and/or congressman. 

The federal government plays a small role in gifted education policies and funding. Decisions are made at the state level, which then requires localities to follow the state’s guidelines on identification and programming, or allows localities to make independent decisions about gifted education. Each state, and, in some states, each district or school will have differing policies and practices related to advanced learners - The Illinois Association for Gifted Children has information on advocacy at the state level.