Parent Resources


SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted)

SENG (Supporting Emotional Needs of the Gifted) is dedicated to fostering environments in which gifted adults and children, in all their diversity, understand and accept themselves and are understood, valued, nurtured, and supported by their families, schools, workplaces and communities including webinars and information about starting parent groups.

The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) 

The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) is an organization of parents, teachers,educators, other professionals, and community leaders who unite to address the unique needs of children and youth with demonstrated gifts and talents as well as those children who may be able to develop their talent potential with appropriate educational experiences. Parenting for High Potential is the quarterly magazine designed for parents who want to make a difference in their children's lives, who want to develop their children's gifts and talents, and who want to help them develop their potential to the fullest.

The Illinois Association for Gifted Children

The Illinois Association for Gifted Children is an organization of parents, educators, and others committed to the education and development of children with diverse gifts and talents. We educate, support, and influence those who touch the lives of children and focus our energies to meet the needs of children with gifts and talents in Illinois. (Great section on advocacy.)

Dominican University

NIU, Center For Gifted

The Institute for Research and Policy on Acceleration (IRPA)

The Institute for Research and Policy on Acceleration (IRPA)

Provides information on research and practices concerning academic acceleration. Also includes ways of moving a student ahead to more challenging coursework.You can download for free from the site two publications.

  • A Nation Deceived, which is a report summarizing research and best practices on academic acceleration.  Includes practices for challenging academically talented youth.
  • A Nation Empowered ( just released)Is an update of the previous. It tells how we have applied what we have learned from the research.

Northwestern Center for Talent Development 

Northwestern Center for Talent Development has wide variety of programs:

Prufrock Press

Prufrock Press is the nation’s leading publisher supporting the education of gifted and advanced learners. Our line of more than 500 titles offers teachers and parents exciting, research-based ideas for helping gifted, advanced, and special needs learners. Parents look to Prufrock for the latest in support as they raise bright children. From showing ways to raise happy, successful, bright learners, to offering strategies for building social skills among kids, Prufrock supports involved parents of gifted learners. is a website for Parents, Students and Educators whose goal is to “provide information, encourage connection and collaboration, and motivate learning and play in the areas of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.”  From projects to do to resources for learning and teaching, this website is a one stop shop for DuPage residents.  Sign up for their quarterly newsletter delivered straight to your email.

The most common question students ask math teachers at every level is “When will I use math?” is a non-profit website that helps to answer this question. This website describes the importance of mathematics and many rewarding career opportunities available to students who study mathematics. 

Hoagies Gifted

Hoagies is the "All Things Gifted" resource for parents, educators, administrators, counselors,psychologists, and even gifted kids and teens themselves! Your kids will love it as much as you will.

The Chicago Gifted Community Center

The Chicago Gifted Community Center is a volunteer-based, non-profit organization created by parents of gifted children. The mission of the Chicago Gifted Community Center is to facilitate educational and emotional support for gifted children and their families. This organization helps to unify different local organizations whose sole purpose is to serve directly the needs of local gifted families and to link them all together in a community.

The Institute for Educational Advancement (IEA) 

The Institute for Educational Advancement (IEA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting our nation's most talented young people in pursuing their full academic and personal potential. This is a wonderful searchable resource databases.