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Latest enrichment news, 11/24/20

NEW! FREE via Elmhurst Public Library - get live homework help (math, science English, and social studies) every day 10am-midnight. 
Thank you to Gina Padgett, who researched
all of these recent resources!

Math Resources

Art of Problem Solving
Two different options of online resources (pre-tests available for placement.)

  1. Art of Problem Solving Online Grades 5-12 (online courses and textbooks available.)
  2. Beast Academy Grades 2-5 (online courses and textbooks available)
  3. Art of Problem Solving Academy (unavailable located out of state)

Elements of Mathematics 
Free Aptitude Test, Secondary Math Curriculum and Fees Apply 

Global Resources
(ELA, math, writing,
languages, etc.)


Duke TIP 
TIP serves academically talented students in 4th–12th grade. Students can join in grades 4–10. Assessment Scores are required to participate. Enrollment Fee required. Program provides monthly enrichment activities, academic contests, advocacy tools, above-grade-level  testing opportunities (additional fees apply), eligibility for advanced online courses and residential  programs (additional fees apply.) No rolling Admissions 

John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth 
Identifies top academic students and provides fun and challenging educational programs for  students in grades K through 12. - Educational programs include summer day and residential programs, online education, and family  academic programs. Acceptance Process: 1. Complete the Talent Search application 2. Register to take an above-grade-level test 3. Take the test at a local test center/ remote testing is available. 


Page updated 11/24/2020
 (Content below appeared in our November 24 REACH Parent Group newsletter.)

Center for Gifted, Unique Programming 
Remote Learning with Personalized Enrichment, and Friend Groups & Peer Pods. Questions? Contact Vickie Kiamco, at Center for Gifted/Midwest Torrance Center for Creativity.

Illinois Mathematics & Science Academy
IMSA STEM Enrichment Programs
 - and Asynchronous Online Learning Programs. Fall classes, clubs, leagues and STEM At Home - available free, to anyone with an internet connection!

Northwestern CTD (Center For Talent Development) 
Online Fall Programs - Grades Pre-K-12. Program dates vary by program and course. See course descriptions for details. There are eligibility requirements and an application process. Over 175 online courses are available in Math, Science, Technology & Engineering, English & Language, Arts & Humanities and Leadership & Service. Offerings include family-oriented live, cohort-based and self-paced models.

Ava's Summer Science School Year Edition 
This is a free virtual STEM program for students entering grades 4-8, hosted by York High School senior, Ava Hollis. Students will submit questions that they have about anything science related. See recordings from her Summer Science HERE. Once or twice a month, she will select a question and answer it in a kid-friendly and fun way with experiments and visuals. Sessions are about 30 minutes and you can tune in whenever you can! To participate, complete this formEmail Ava with any questions.  

Additional Parent Resources found HERE on our REACH Parent Group “Resources page.” If you would like to recommend additional resources be shared with our parents, please contact your REACH Rep or Patti Berner.