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Hello REACH parents - we're in the final stretch! Thank you for a terrific year!

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Thank you from REACH Teacher

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2018-19 REACH Parent Group - Book Discussion

REACH Parent Informational Meeting, Deb Lee (#3 of 3) March 13, 2019

REACH Parent Informational Meeting #3


REACH Parent Group (formerly REACH PTA) is a parent group dedicated to supporting gifted and talented programs in District 205 and encouraging higher level educational opportunities for ALL District 205 students. Our area of focus includes:

  • Providing parent and student resources for gifted and advanced learners
  • Organizing advocacy at local and national levels
  • Sponsoring and/or promoting academic-based extra-curricular activities that are accessible to all students
  • Collaborating with REACH teachers to provide additional resources and student opportunities. 


The REACH PTA sent out a THANK YOU video developed by REACH students and parents to the School Board Members.  This video was a simple way to show our gratitude for the REACH program.  Check out the video here!