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REACH Parent Group (a committee of the D205 PTA Council) is a parent group dedicated to supporting gifted and talented programs (grades 3-8) in District 205 and encouraging higher level educational opportunities for ALL District 205 students. Our areas of focus include:

  • Providing parent and student resources for gifted and advanced learners
  • Organizing advocacy at local and national levels
  • Sponsoring and/or promoting academic-based extra-curricular activities that are accessible to all students
  • Collaborating with REACH teachers to provide additional resources and student opportunities. 


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Hello D205 REACH Parents!
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Last updated: 6/15/22


There are two sessions for families new to REACH for the math and/or ELA program in the 2022-2023 school year. Both meetings provide the same information: an overview of REACH programming, expectations, summer bridge opportunities and answers any questions parents may have. All of the information reviewed will also be posted on D205's REACH website

  • Notifications for initial identification were sent out by Friday, February 18th.
  • The appeals application for all grade levels was available Tuesday, February 22 - March 1. The appeals process is currently underway. You can find most current rubrics and detailed information on the REACH section of the District website.
  • Grade 5 appeal decisions were sent out by March 23.
  • Grade 2 appeal decisions were sent out by May 27.
  • Grades 3, 4, 6, 7 appeal decisions will be sent out by July 1
  • New to D205 families: New students are eligible for placement in REACH based on existing assessment scores (see rubrics). If students haven’t taken the assessments already at their previous school, D205 offers them over the summer. Dates and sign up information can be found on the the REACH section of the District website.
  • Please refer to our December meeting minutes where Kerry Leuschel shared important updates to the rubrics and appeals process.  You can always find the most current rubrics and detailed information on the REACH section of the District website.

Math Summer Bridge Information

Any student who has qualified during the 2021-22 school year for placement in a REACH level math course for the 2022-23 school year will be able to participate in a Summer Bridge course. This is an optional 6-week course where students are assigned specific tasks through Khan Academy that will help them bridge some of the skills they will need for the upcoming school year. It is a self-paced course and a teacher will be assigned to students and available weekly to work through and support students as needed. Approximate dates for Math Summer Bridge are as follows:

  • Incoming 3rd Grade:  June through mid-July
  • Incoming Grades 4-8:  July through mid-August

Summer bridge information dates and schedules varies by grade level and is communicated directly by the district. Rising 3rd grade and Rising 5th grade should have already received emails from the following:

All other grade levels will receive information from the district when appeal decisions are finalized, which will be by July 1.

Note: Other summer bridge opportunities have been communicated via your classroom teachers (for example, students moving from 6th Grade Math 1 to 7th Grade Pre-Algebra).  For any questions related to these bridge opportunities, please contact your building principal.

LAST REACH Parent Group Meeting

The last REACH Parent Group Meeting of the school year took place on Thursday, May 12 at 1 pm via Zoom. The focus of the meeting was to lock in our REACH school reps and discuss strategic priorities for the 2022-2023 school year, including a possible 4 part educational series focusing on Executive Function, Mindset and the Teenage Brain from Dr. Georgia Bozeday. See the meeting minutes and presentation for all of the details.