Moving Forward Together: 2021-22

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Elmhurst CUSD 205 COVID-19 2021-2022 Plan: Moving Forward Together

Current Guidance Documents

There have been several updates made recently regarding COVID protocols in schools.  We understand that this might become confusing and have therefore created the list of documents below for your quick reference.  

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Current IDPH Exclusion Tree



Current Full ISBE Guidance Document



Current FAQ Document



IDPH Guidance on Testing



The information on this page was most recently updated on April 8, 2022 and will continue to be updated as new guidance is received.

The pandemic has created challenges.Through it all, the school community remains proud and celebrates students for their resilience, care, and compassion. D205 leaders will also continue to echo the necessity of fostering a climate of respect and acceptance for all community members, regardless of vaccination status or views on masking. District 205 will move forward together in service to all D205 students and families.   

Questions or concerns about this plan can be provided by email to