Instructional Materials Selection and Adoption for 2024-2025

Process for Display of Instructional Materials

  • After proposal to the BOE on February 20, 2024, the items will be on display here for a period of 30 days
  • For materials without online access, a physical copy will be available for review at the District Office located at 162 S. York.

The form provided for citizens to submit concerns, suggestions or complaints on the materials displayed for public review will close on Monday, April 10, 2024. Review Form: Instructional Materials for 24-25 (online form)

An update for approval will appear on the April 16, 2024 BOE meeting agenda.

Engagement of Stakeholders

All materials were selected and reviewed in collaboration with building leaders and staff through committee structures. 


The following materials, listed in the table below, are recommended to the Board of Education for review, consideration, and adoption. Also, any interested citizens may express their concerns, suggestions or complaints on the materials displayed for public review before April 10, 2024 by submitting comments to the online form, linked here.

Course Title Publisher & Copyright Rationale

6-8 Math Adoption

Geometry Adoption

Algebra 2 with Trigonometry Adoption

Illustrative Mathematics

To review:

Go to Illustrative Math Curriculum Review: 

Select Teacher Login


Password: teacher


Select Content Area in the drop-down to review 

Imagine Learning, 2019

This research-based resource provides a comprehensive curriculum that fully addresses grades 6-8 Common Core State Standards. The resource allows students to spend the majority of the learning time on major work of the grade level, attend to the full intent of the modeling process, and meet the expectations for rigor and practice-content connections. All Algebra courses are currently utilize Illustrative Mathematics and adopting this will create an aligned and cohesive secondary math class experience for students

Resources to be replaced:
6-8 Math: Eureka Math
Geometry: Geometry for Enjoyment and Challenge
Algebra 2 with Trigonometry: Department created Math Units

Grade 6 Social Studies Adoption


To review:

Go to the Community Viewing Page:

InquirED, 2022

This resource aligns with the revised 2022 Illinois Social Studies standards and the six aligned ISBE competencies, which includes a focus on inquiry and action. The materials align with the Common Core shift of building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction text sets. Also, the materials promote the development of social studies inquiry skills by providing opportunities for students to move through a sustained investigation of content, based on a compelling question, and culminating with students taking informed action.

Resource to be replaced: District created Social Studies Units

Spanish II

Berto y sus buenos pies

To review:

Print text is available at the District Office (162 S York) for review. Please check in at the front desk.

TPRS Books

This resource is an additional resource for students to read texts in the target language.

Resource to be replaced: Additional resource

AP Spanish Literature & Culture

Anthology & Guide to the AP Spanish Literature and Culture Course

To review:

Go to the Learning Site

Username: YCHSS

Case-sensitive password: YCHSS12345




Wayside Publishing

AP Spanish Literature will be offered for the first time beginning in the 2024-2025 school year. This resource will be the core text for the course

Resource to be replaced: This is a new resource for a new course

English Language Arts (ELA) in grades 6,7, and 8

Amplify ELA

Directions for Demo Account Access:

***Novel Guides are flexible and can be used at any time throughout the school year. Lesson 1 of each Digital Novel Guide includes recommendations for units from the core curriculum that would pair well thematically with each novel.

2024 Amplify Education, Inc.

These research-based resources provide a comprehensive curriculum that fully addresses IL reading, writing, speaking & listening, vocabulary, and language standards. Through a framework of inquiry, these resources promote knowledge building through the use of complex, interdisciplinary texts that promote discussion, writing, and mastery of literacy skills.


Resource to be replaced: District created Reading and Writing Units

Highlight on Supplemental Material 

Course Title & Access to Review Publisher & Copyright Rationale
FLL - Dual Language  Evaluación del nivel independiente de lectura® (ENIL®) American Reading Company

The Evaluación del nivel independiente de lectura® (ENIL®) is a developmental reading taxonomy for students that reflects how the stages of learning to read differ between Spanish and English. ENIL® delivers specific, actionable data that tells the teacher where a student is, why, and the sequence of skills/behaviors needed to learn next to accelerate reading growth. 


ENIL® will be used to provide Spanish Literacy instruction with dual language students during the 30-minute FLL block.


Resource to be replaced: This is a new resource to support the expansion of dual language into 6th grade.