Medication Administration

Administering medication during school hours or during school related activities is discouraged unless it is necessary for the educational benefit and/or critical health and well being of the student.  Acknowledging that occasionally a necessary medication must be administered during the school day, the school nurse shall administer the medication.  

The district authorization of medication administration form must be provided to the school nurse which is to be completed by the prescribing physician as well as signed and dated by the parent/guardian. 

District 205 Medication Administration Policy

1) All prescription medication must be brought to the school in its original pharmaceutical container, clearly marked with the child’s name, the name of the medication, directions for use, and date. Duplicate prescription bottles can be obtained from your pharmacist.

2) All non-prescription (over the counter/homeopathic/supplement/cough drop ) medication must be brought in the manufacturer’s original, unopened container with the seal unbroken, and must be clearly marked with the child’s name, the name of the medication, directions for use, and date.


3) Supplements, homeopathic or over the counter remedies which are not FDA approved will not be administered by the R.N. in the school setting.

4) Both the parent and the Physician need to complete and sign the Medication
Authorization Form
and provide to the School Nurse.

5) Medication will not be accepted by the School Nurse until the completed AUTHORIZATION TO ADMINISTER MEDICATION FORM is completed, signed and dated by the parent and the physician /prescriber, and received/reviewed by the RN.

6) The District must receive a new Authorization Form from the physician and parent at the beginning of each school year for administration of medication.

7) The parent must report immediately any change in prescription or dosage by completing a new Authorization form for each change.

8) Medication must be brought to the school office by the parent. At the end of the school year, the medication must also be picked up by the parent. The District will not store medication over the summer. Medication that is not picked up will be appropriately discarded. 

9) When medication is brought to the school nurse, the parent and the R.N. shall complete the Medication Receipt form, identifying the medication received, the quantity received and both the RN and parent shall sign the form. A copy of the form will be given to the parent.