Forms, Action Plans and Medications


Physical, Dental and Vision Forms

Please submit all required forms to your child's school health office.  District 205 requires all students to be in compliance with state mandated physical examination/immunization requirements by October 15th of each school year. 

District 205 policy information regarding state and dates for health, vision and dental requirements:

  • Illinois law requires that all students have a health examination administered by a physician prior to enrollment in kindergarten, sixth and ninth grades.

  • Children entering from schools outside Illinois must present a physical exam, compliant with Illinois requirements, which must be dated within the previous twelve months.

  • All middle school and high school students who plan to participate in school sports are reminded that physical examinations must cover them throughout the entire sport season. Sports physicals are required every year since they are effective for thirteen months.

  • Illinois law requires that all students have dental examinations administered by a licensed dentist in kindergarten, second and sixth grades.

  • Illinois law requires that all kindergarten and students new to the district have a vision examination administered by an optometrist or ophthalmologist.

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Due Dates

  • Illinois law requires proof of an eye exam be completed by October 15th for all kindergarten students as well as any new student entering the district for the first time. This exam can be done by an optometrist or a physician who provides comprehensive eye examinations.
  • Students in Kindergarten, 2nd, and 6th grade are required to have a dental exam completed by May 15th of that school year.

Action Plans


Medication Procedure and Form

Elmhurst Community School District #205 adheres to the Recommended Guidelines for Medication Adminsitration in Schools published by the Illinois Department of Human Services and Illinois State Board of Education. Please refer to the attached procedure and form which must be completed in order for your child to receive or use medication while in the school setting.  

Administration of Medication Procedure - English
Administration of Medication Procedure - Spanish

Medication Authorization Form - English
Medication Authorization Form - Spanish