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Asthma Management

Asthma can be life-threatening and must be appropriately managed through the monitoring of symptoms and administration of medication as prescribed. In order to proactively support and assist your child with their medical needs while at school, we request that you notify the school nurse if your child has a diagnosis of asthma.  If your child has a diagnosis of asthma, we need to discuss their needs with you. We also need a copy of their Asthma Action Plan, medication, medication orders and parental authorization for medication administration as prescribed. Additionally, it is very important that we have information relating to students that self-carry and administer their inhaler. The AsthmaAction Plan provides guidance in the event your child has asthma symptoms. Appropriate management of asthma requires use of prescribed medication as ordered by your child’s doctor. In the event you do not have an Asthma Action Plan, please contact your child’s physician to discuss if such a plan is warranted.  

We urge you to contact the school health office to discuss your child’s current needs relating to their asthma.

Food Allergy Management

In conjunction with the Illinois State Board of Education mandate, District 205 has developed a Food Allergy Management Policy.   For parents of children who have a food allergy concern, please contact your child's School Nurse.  The school nurse will work with the parents to develop the necessary plans to appropriately address your child's health needs while in the school setting. 

Pertussis Requirements

Significant increases in pertussis cases (also known as whooping cough) have lead to expanded requirements for the new Tdap vaccination in Illinois. Tdap is a new formula of vaccine that must be identified specifically by name. The date administered MUST be documented by a physician in order to be compliant.

Beginning in the Fall of 2013, all students entering, transferring, or advancing into 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grades were required to show proof of receipt of one dose of Tdap vaccine (containing tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis).

A parent letter from the Illinois Department of Public Health is posted on the District 205 Vaccination Information webpage under Health & Safety. More information is also available from the Illinois Department of Public Health and the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Conjuctivitis - "Pink Eye"

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Health Web Links

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DuPage County Health Department

DuPage County Health Department - (630) 682- 7400
Will County Health Department - (815) 727-8484

Illinois Department of Public Health - (217) 782-4977
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Illinois State Board of Education School Pandemic Planning Guidance

Centers for Disease Control 
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