Head Injury/Concussion

Any student could take a spill, knock his/her head, and get a concussion in any number of school settings ranging from the hallway, the playground, the cafeteria, and beyond. That’s why it is important for school staff and parents to be aware of the signs/symptoms of concussion and proper return to learning/playing. 

Most Concussion in Sports Laws Include Three Action Steps:

  1. Educate Coaches, Parents, and Athletes: Inform and educate coaches, athletes, and their parents and guardians about concussion through training and/or a concussion information sheet.
  2.  Remove Athlete from Play: An athlete who is believed to have a concussion is to be removed from play right away.
  3. Obtain Permission to Return to Play: An athlete can only return to play or practice after at least 24 hours and with permission from a health care professional.

These action steps are based on recommendations presented in the International Concussion Consensus Statement.17 First created in 2002 and most recently updated in 2008, the Consensus Statement was developed by experts in the field and includes the latest science available on concussion in sports.

(Please refer to the York High School health services secretary for information regarding a concussion diagnosed by the school athletic trainer.)






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