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General Information

School Health Services Staff 19/20

Jennifer Conwell, RN, BSN, PEL-SN, (School Health Services Supervisor) Sandburg Middle School, Jefferson Elementary School, Transition Center

Robbie Larsen, RN, BA, PEL-SN (School Health Coordinator) Lincoln Elementary School, Hawthorne Elementary School, Edison Elementary School, Emerson Elementary School

Chris Holmes RN, BSN, PEL-SN, York High School 

Athanasia Nassopoulos, RN, BSN PEL-SN, York High School

Alyssa Hayward,RN, BSN, PEL-SN, Bryan Middle School, Field Elementary School, Madison Early Childhood Center

Tina Smith RN, BSN, PEL-SN, Jackson Elementary School, Churchville Middle School, Conrad Fischer Elementary School  

Tina Mastro R.N,Transition Center

April Puthenpurackal R.N., Transition Center

Roseanne Tansor RN, Sandburg Middle School

Maggie Repelin RN, Churchville Middle School

Dorothy Hamby, RN, Edison Elementary School

MariJo Hecker, RN, Bryan Middle School

Dipika Patel, RN, Field Elementary School

Mariela Munoz RN, Conrad Fischer Elementary School

Corinne Jones RN, Hawthorne Elementary School

Jenna Kragel RN, Jackson Elementary School

Colette Malone RN, Jefferson Elementary School

Maggie Purtell, RN, Lincoln Elementary School

Karen Pavone, RN, Emerson Elementary School

Angela Ziccardi RN, Madison Early Childhood Center

Cara Janis, RN, Madison Early Childhood Center

Mariah Gasso RN, Substitute Nurse

Sandra Forsberg RN, Substitute Nurse

When to Keep Your Child Home

  • A skin rash from an unidentified cause that has not been evaluated by a physician.  Please note that open sores should be covered until healed or evaluated by a physician.
  • The oral temperature is 100° F or greater. A student with such a fever should remain home for 24 hours after the temperature returns to normal without the aid of fever-reducing medication.
  • If experiencing nausea, diarrhea and/or vomiting.  Students should remain home until symptom free for 24 hours without the use of medication.
  • If complains of severe, persistent pain.
  • If showing signs of an upper respiratory infection (cold symptoms) or any other illness serious enough to interfere with the student’s ability to learn.
  • There are signs of conjunctivitis (“pink eye”) with symptoms such as secretions from one or both eyes, itching, and crusts on eyelids.

Reporting an Absence

You must notify your student's school if your child is home sick and report any diagnosed communicable diseases.  When reporting an absence please indicate the reason for the absence and if it is due to illness, please report symptoms including if your child has a fever, cough or sore throat.

Returning to School After an Illness

Depending on the illness, a letter provided to the school nurse from your child's physician may be required prior to your child being re-admitted back to school. If your child's physician feels your student requires medical accommodations upon returning to school, please have the physician list the requested accommodations and we will do our best to meet those accommodations. Your student's health and safety upon returning to school is a number one priority! 

If there is any uncertainty whether a "Return to School" letter is required for you student, please call the school health office to discuss any questions or concerns. 

A "Return to School" letter must be signed and dated by your student's physician. 

PE/Activity Restrictions

A parent may provide a letter to the school nurse to excuse their child from PE/Activities for ONE day. If your student needs to be excused from PE/Activities for greater than one day, a physician letter must be provided to the school nurse stating the reason for the restriction, the date of when the restriction starts and when the student may return to normal activity. If the date of return is not listed, a follow up letter must be provided to the school nurse in two weeks with an update of your student's medical condition and, if possible, a date for returning to normal activity. Your student may not return to PE/Activities until the school nurse is provided a letter with physician clearance. 

Each building has a nurse present daily. A certified school nurse is present in the buildings on assigned days of the week in addition to the building nurse.

Hours of Operation: 7:45-3:45