Chronic Illness/Disease

Please inform the school nurse of any possible illnesses/disease your child may be diagnosed with. 

The special needs of students with chronic health conditions are complex and continuous. The school nurse has a pivotal role in:

  • interpreting a student’s health status;
  • explaining the health impairment to the school team;
  • translating the healthcare provider orders into the school setting by developing Individualized Healthcare Plans;
  • providing assessment, direct care, coordination and evaluation of care;
  • providing nursing delegation that aligns with state nurse practice acts, rules and regulations; and
  • advocating for appropriate accommodations in the educational setting (Leroy, Wallin, & Lee, 2017; McClanahan & Weismuller, 2015; NASN, 2015; Zirkel, Granthom, & Lovato, 2012).

Information gathered from NASN Chronic Health Position Statement