School Safety

District 205 is committed to providing a safe and healthy school environment for our students.  To that end, the District employs a nursing staff to assist each of our schools and maintains an active Safety and Security Committee comprised of community agencies who design and implement procedures to help keep our students and staff safe.

District 205 Safety and Security Committee

Chris Whelton

  • Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations
  • District 205

Jen Conwell

  • Health Services Supervisor for District 205
  • Elmhurst Hospital

Jeff Gail

  • Assistant Principal, Sandburg Middle School
  • District 205

Kim James

  • Program Facilitator
  • District 205

Jon Monique Manuel

  • Lead Secretary, Conrad Fischer Elementary School
  • District 205

Mike McLean

  • Deputy Chief
  • Elmhurst Police Department

Don Novak

  • ESDA Coordinator
  • City of Elmhurst Fire Department

James Plukota

  • Principal, Edison Elementary School
  • District 205

Michael Ruth

  • Police Chief
  • City of Elmhurst Police Department

Todd Schmidt

  • Director of Buildings and Grounds
  • District 205

Max Schoenberg

  • President
  • Elmhurst Teachers Council

David Smith

  • Director of Technology
  • District 205

Bev Redmond

  • Director of Communications and PR
  • District 205

Bob Tannehill

  • Deputy Chief
  • City of Elmhurst Police Department

Phil Urbanski

  • Dean, York High School
  • District 205

Nick Waldenmeyer

  • Police Liason
  • City of Elmhurst Police Department

Safety Procedures

Elmhurst Community Unit School District 205 continues to refine its crisis response planning and to be vigilant about the safety of its students and staff. Following months of intensive study and discussion, the District 205 Safety Committee has finalized two documents that outline these procedures. The first document is an overview of Current Safety and Security Measures. The second is a list of Frequently Asked Questions related to District 205’s emergency preparedness.

As part of that preparedness, all 13 schools, as well as the Transition Center, participate in annual safety drills, including: three fire drills (emergency evacuation), bus evacuation, lockdown in conjunction with the Elmhurst Police Department, tornado and earthquake.

To ensure continued safety during the school day, parents and community members should be aware of the following guidelines when entering a school building in District 205.

1. All visitors will be expected to check in at the main door for visual identification. They will be required to state their name and purpose of their visit. School office personnel will use the following questions and guidelines to admit visitors to the building:

  • How may I help you?
  • Do you have an appointment?
  • What is your name?
  • Please wait while I verify your information.

2. Any visitor with or without a prior appointment must check in with the office staff to state the purpose of their visit. All visitors must enter through the main entrance.

3. All visitors desiring to meet with a teacher must have a prior appointment. Please contact your child’s teacher to make an appointment.  

  • The names of all individuals with appointments will be given to the office personnel each morning.
    • Only parents, guardians and individuals named as emergency contacts will be allowed to enter the school building. (This does not include special events which will have separate lists prepared prior to the event.)
  • Parents who are called by the nurse's office or have sent a note to the school with their child in the morning indicating that they will be picking the child up at a specific time do not need to call the office before coming to the building.

Student Emergency Procedures Brochure