1st Grade Information Page

Accessing the Virtual Environment

All students were assisted with signing into their District iPad, Seesaw account, and Google applications at the beginning of the school year. Before following the steps below, please ensure your student is logged into their Zoom account, via the Zoom application by following these instructions: Logging into Zoom via iPad

Once you have verified that your student is logged into Zoom, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Locate Clever on the District 205 iPad and sign in using your student Clever Badge.
  2. Once signed into Clever, Locate Seesaw and click to open the application.
  3. Locate and select the Zoom link and any classroom instructions posted by the teacher in Seesaw. Please note: students may also choose to use their Seesaw Badge to login if they have have one.
  4. Zoom may prompt you to sign in. Please select Sign in with Google (Google SSO) to login.
  5. Ensure your camera is on (strongly recommended) and the microphone is on mute to start class. 
  6. Start times for the day are listed below. Please be sure to review any building-level communication for additional guidance. 

Looking for further assistance? Please email flexlearninghelp@elmhurst205.org

Student Schedule

First page of the PDF file: ModifiedFlexible-FirstGrade