D205 Emergency Weather Information

Emergency closure or modification to school day

The health and safety of our students and staff is a top priority and the decision to close schools or otherwise impact a school day is not taken lightly.  The decision to close a school or alter a school day will be made following a thorough analysis of multiple factors. District 205 is committed to ensuring that decisions are made and shared with our community in a timely manner so you are able to make any necessary arrangements for your family.

In the event we have significant inclement weather creating unsafe travel conditions or extreme cold, District 205 will make a decision to either cancel school completely or utilize our State and District approved Flexible Learning Plan.Outlined below are details to help you stay informed in the event of a closure or other modification to a school day due to inclement weather.

Weather Procedures for Arrival, Recess, and Outdoor Activities

In addition to ensuring safety for student arrival and dismissal during inclement weather, D205 schools make every effort to provide safe opportunities for outdoor activities such as recess and extracurriculars. Below is a list of information and guidelines pertaining to each of these areas.