Strategic Planning Process

Elmhurst District 205 has launched a strategic planning process to define the future direction for District 205 schools. The creation of a strategic plan provides an opportunity to further align the work at the schools to achieve ambitious goals for our future and provides a basis to implement, measure, and communicate key indicators of success for our students. 

The process is designed to engage all district stakeholders – including parents, teachers, administrators, staff, students, and community residents – in developing a shared future vision for the District. Involvement of stakeholders from every corner of the community will result in a long-term framework for decision-making that builds upon the common values held by the community. 

Between March-May 2022, District 205 will be soliciting input from across the community. Community members will be invited to participate in both focus groups and an online survey.

The process will include three phases: 

  1. Phase 1 - Inclusive Engagement: A thorough process of community engagement will be facilitated to establish the current state of reality in the District and a shared vision of the future through focus groups, interviews, community surveys, public forums and a review of District performance data. 
  2. Phase 2 - Focus and Plan for the Future: A Strategic Planning Committee made up of a variety of stakeholders will review insights and priorities gathered during Phase I. Work sessions will be conducted to develop a Mission, Vision, Portrait of the Graduate, Core Values and Strategic Goals with Objectives. 
  3. Phase 3 - Implement and Evaluate Impact: Educator workgroups will develop strategic indicators, action plans, timelines, roles and required resources. A publicly available Strategic Dashboard will be created to monitor progress towards the shared vision for the District.
We are adding focus groups on Friday, April 22 at the Elmhurst Library.
Please click on the session below that you would like to attend and complete the appropriate form to participate. There is a limit of 20 participants for each group.


The survey deadline has been extended! 

While our district-wide strategic planning process is well underway, we are aware that there was an unfortunate delay in the delivery of the postcards to many of your homes - many of them arriving well past the original deadline of April 1. While we received nearly 1,000 surveys, as mentioned before, the most important part of this process is the work that is done in partnership with our community and staff. Your feedback is extremely important in this process and because of that, we feel that it is important for us to re-open the survey to allow an opportunity for those of you who were unable to complete it to do so. The survey is live again and will remain open until April 24. We look forward to receiving feedback from you and appreciate your passion and desire to be a part of this important process. 

To Participate, visit: