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Thiems Grants

Named in memory of Dr. Russell Thiems, Superintendent of District 205 from 1983 to 1992. Dr. Thiems recognized the need to provide opportunities for students beyond what was possible through tax revenues. He then recruited community members to serve on the Board of Directors, and together they established the Elmhurst District 205 Foundation.  Since 1990, 682 grants totaling over $1.7 million have been awarded to teachers through the Thiems Grant Program.

Thiems Grants Application Materials

To award a Thiems grant, the Foundation looks for a concise description of a well-developed program, a clearly defined plan to connect it to the curriculum and the district’s strategic plan, and most importantly strong elements of creativity and innovation.

2020 proposals will be accepted beginning December 9th.  All applications must be received by February 14th.

Application form

Application guidelines

  • Teachers, students, administrators, parents, or community members in District 205 are eligible to apply. 

  • District wide, building wide, grade level, or individual classroom initiatives are eligible for consideration. Collaborative initiatives within and across schools are given priority. 

  • Larger requests over $5,000 must impact multiple levels of students or be designated for district wide or multi-school implementation.

Potential applicants are encouraged to direct questions to the Foundation’s Executive Director, Kristi Amendola, at prior to submitting.

Thiems Grant Information


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