Thiems Grants and Study Skills

Study Skills Academy

Foundation 205 is proud to support the Study Skills Academy.  Designed and implemented by teachers throughout the district, this program focuses on providing individualized instruction for elementary students who may need additional support with math, reading comprehension, writing and executive functioning skills.

Thiems Grants

Named in memory of Dr. Russell Thiems, Superintendent of District 205 from 1983 to 1992. Dr. Thiems recognized the need to provide opportunities for students beyond what was possible through tax revenues. He then recruited community members to serve on the Board of Directors, and together they established Foundation 205.  Since 1990, over 700 grants have been awarded totaling $1.8 million in Thiems Grants for Elmhurst Public Schools.

Awarding 46 Thiems Grants for 2021

On Wednesday, May 26th, Foundation 205 board members traveled across the district to award $99,000 in Thiems grants thanks to the incredibly generous support of our community! Over $43,000 was invested at the elementary school level, nearly $17,000 across the three middle schools and $38,500 for York High School and the Transition Center. Each and every student in D205 will be touched by at least one of these grants next fall when they are able to return to school and have new and exciting educational experiences.  For a complete list of our 2021 Thiems grants, please click here.

Transition Center students celebrating their Foundation 205 grant.

Celebrating & supporting the creative ideas educators propose to increase student learning, engagement and enjoyment.

2020 Thiems Grant Winners

In 2020, Foundation 205 invested over $130,000 into the educational experiences of Elmhurst Public School students through Thiems grant program.  Click here for a complete list of winners.

Thiems Grant Information


Click here to see how we made an impact during the 2019-2020 school year.