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Dual Language Research/Articles

"Bilingual Students Advance Faster in Middle School: Kids Who Speak Other Languages Improve at DOUBLE the Rate of Native English Speakers, Study Finds" by Natalie Rahhal -

Biliteracy in Action in Kindergarten - Teaching for Biliteracy (Video)

The Importance of Dual Language Education - Waukesha School District (Video)

The Astounding Effectiveness of Dual Language Education for All (2004)

"Expanding the Brain's Capacity with Second Language Learning" by Lezley Lewis - Brain Based Learning

"Dual Language Immersion Programs Raise Student Achievement in English" - Rand Corporation Research (2017)

"6 Potential Brain Benefits of Bilingual Education" - NPR, November 29, 2016

"The Multiple Benefits of Dual Language" - Wayne P. Thomas and Virginia P. Collier, October 2003

"Dual Language Programs Explained" - American Institute of Research (2016) (Video)

"Why the Dual Language Immersion Approach Will Change Achievement in American Public Schools" - Dr. Bob Slater, American Councils Research Center, July 12, 2017

"Two-Way Immersion" - Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL)

"Benefits of Dual-Language Programs" - Colorín Colorado Video with Dr. Rebecca Palacios (Video)

Dual Language - SD U-46 (Video)

Why Multilingual People Have Healthier, More Engaged Brains - Mind Shift/Ted Talk

Dual Language in Woodstock 200 (Video)

"The Elements of the Bridge" - Teaching for Biliteracy (2016) (Video)

"The Bridge in First Grade" - Teaching for Biliteracy (2015) (Video)

Learning in Two Languages in Early Childhood: What Every Early Childhood Professional Needs to Know

What Does the Research Say about Dual Language Immersion

Preparing Your Child (And You) for Dual Language Kindergarten

"Bilingual People Are Like Brain 'Bodybuilders'" by Tanya Lewis - LiveScience

"The Cognitive Development of Young Dual Language Learners: A Critical Review of the Research" - Center for Early Care and Education Research

"This is Your Brain on Language" by Samara Freemark and Stephen Smith - American RadioWorks

"Is Language Immersion Right for My Child?" - Parent blog by Heather Singmaster - Education Week

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