Dual Language

The Dual Language Program in District 205 is a Two-Way Immersion Spanish-English program housed at Conrad Fischer Elementary School. Eventually replacing the Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE) program for English Learners (EL) in the district, the dual language program delivers instruction in both Spanish and English throughout the day. All Conrad Fischer students are eligible to participate, and applications are available to incoming Kindergarten students throughout the district.


The Elmhurst District 205 Dual Language Program is a rigorous education program that develops high levels of linguistic and academic proficiency in both Spanish and English while cultivating cultural competence and global citizenship.


The mission of the Elmhurst District 205 Dual Language Program is for all students to develop biliteracy and bilingualism, obtain high levels of academic achievement, and foster cultural competence in order to succeed in a global society and be college, career and life ready. 

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Dual Language Parent Committee (DPAC)

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Dual Language Parent Resources

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English Learner (EL) Programming

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