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School Counselor of the Year

Passion, empathy and a zeal for supporting the entire Churchville School community - these are just a few of the qualities that her colleagues share when describing Mary Wilson, school counselor at the Churchville Middle School in Elmhurst School District 205. Mary was recently notified that she had been selected as the Middle School Counselor of the Year by the Illinois School Counselor Association and, in a surprise ceremony today, was notified that she has also been named the Illinois School Counselor of the Year.

“Her dedication to supporting the emotional needs of our students, our community, and the School Counseling department was, and is, unwavering and deserves the highest of admiration. Through her leadership and collaboration, our students have increased their achievement while developing lifelong skills,” shared Gina Pogue-Reeder, Churchville Middle School Principal. “Not only does Mary zealously support the social-emotional needs of our students, but she also has helped build systems of support for our entire community. Mary led a community-wide outreach effort to create a new organization in which our entire community would benefit. She worked with local agencies, neighboring townships, community agencies, and even local dentists to create a Back-to-School fair this past August to help all students and families in the Elmhurst community receive the resources they needed to be successful including physicals, vaccines, and groceries.”  

The Illinois School Counselor of the Year Association awards are an opportunity to honor school counselors for their contributions to school counseling in Illinois. Award winners are recognized as those who go above and beyond in their role to help students and promote the profession. These awards are just a small way of letting them know that their efforts are seen, acknowledged, and appreciated.

“The last few years have truly elevated the importance of the work that school counselors offer for students and staff and we are beyond fortunate to have Ms. Wilson in our district,” said Elmhurst District 205 Superintendent Dr. Keisha Campbell. “Mary truly embodies the values and beliefs that are used to describe the nominees of this award. She is not only an amazing ambassador for the social and emotional well being of our students and staff, she is a fearless advocate for the entire community.”

Wilson has worked in Elmhurst Community Unit School District 205 as the school counselor at Churchville Middle School since 2008. Prior to joining Elmhurst District 205, Wilson was a seventh grade science teacher.  

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