Belief Statements

Holistic Belief

Education is highly valued, and schools should provide the highest quality education to all students, preparing them for success in life while adding value to the greater community.

Academic Standards, Achievement and Alignment

High educational standards are critical to student achievement, and students of all backgrounds and ability levels should be challenged to their full potential through differentiated learning techniques, consistently and equitably across the entire district.

Curriculum and Instruction

Students learn through innovative, engaged teaching methodologies taught by highly qualified, dedicated and inspiring professionals.


State-of-the-Art technology which is integrated into the lives of both students and teachers – in and out of the classroom – enhances student learning and better prepares them for the 21st Century work force.

Human Resources and Staff Development

Hiring and retention of high quality administrators, teachers and other professional staff are critical to student success. District personnel must be provided with opportunities and expectations for continuous learning through professional development, training and collaboration.

Research and Assessment

Decisions are best made in a collaborative environment based on research and data drawn from an assessment program aligned with educational best practices and state and national standards.


Transparent and timely communication among all stakeholder groups will engage community support, promote an understanding of a District 205 education and demonstrate the benefits of District 205 schools.


In today’s global society, it is essential for school systems to embrace diversity, including ethnicity, ability level, and socioeconomic status, and implement initiatives to ensure the needs of all students are met.


Learning environments that are caring, nurturing and safe promote success by all students and positive school climates.

Financial Responsibility

Student and school needs should be equitably met while maintaining district fiscal restraints in the spirit of fiduciary responsibility.

Citizenship and Character

Good character must be developed and nurtured to promote citizenship at the community level and in a global society.