Suspicion of Data Breach

Suspicion of Data Breach

Any individual who suspects that a theft, breach or exposure of D205 protected data or D205 sensitive data has occurred should immediately provide a description of what occurred via email to a Network Operations team member or by calling 630-834-4530 Ext. 2000 during normal school hours. The responding member of the team will escalate as appropriate to management and administration within the district and begin the process to investigate and confirm if a theft, breach or exposure has occurred.

In the unlikely situation that an operator experiences a potential data breach, they must notify D205 as soon as possible. After receiving notice of a potential breach, we will evaluate their report and if confirmed, provide notifications to parents. Information on past breaches will be publicly displayed below and contain the following information:

  • Date or estimated date/range of the breach

  • Description of covered information breached

  • The number of students unless disclosure would violate the Personal Information Protection Act

  • Contact information of the operator for questions

  • Toll-free numbers, addresses, and websites of consumer reporting agencies and the FTC

The District will also notify parents and post information in the event the District’s data systems are breached.

Note: A notice of breach may be delayed if a law enforcement agency determines that the notification will interfere with a criminal investigation. If a breach impacts less than 10% of the student enrollment, by law it does not need to be disclosed in the manner described above.


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