Content Filtering

Filtering @ D205

Working With Securly

Student safety is our top priority. Chromebooks and iPads are filtered 24x7 with a web-based filter called "Securly" to protect students from the most offensive content. Although no web filter is perfect, when issues arise we can address them by blocking the site as appropriate and in compliance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA). The external filter is set to block only the most offensive content with the goal of protecting children but not getting the way of students' access to information that they need for class research, projects, etc. outside of school. These settings would apply to when the student is logged in to the device itself. Also, we want students to be able to use their devices at home for appropriate non-district activities. On public WiFi networks, such as the library, Starbucks, or McDonald's, your home network settings will not be in effect but the D205 out-of-school filtering still applies when using D205 devices.

For more Information on the Federal, State, and District Policies that govern device use at D205, please visit the Student Data Privacy page. Additionally, please read below for added information families can take at home to strengthen their personal Internet safety and experiences.

At Home Resources

In addition to Securly, there are many tools you can implement at home on your personal devices to help create a safe online environment while continuing to allow children to grow and learn. The items below are not endorsed by D205 but are simply collected in an effort to support parents own research and understanding for at-home use.

While there are many options available on the market, these are several of the leading and highest reviewed resources. They all allow you to filter content, limit screen time, set bedtimes, give rewards, etc. Some even allow you to take your settings outside of your home, allowing you to continue to teach digital citizenship anywhere in the world your child is. Each has slightly different features, so it is recommended to do research to see which works best for your situation.