Special Education: Parent Information Regarding Domain Reviews


The Domain Review Staffing

This educational conference is the setting where a team of staff members and the parent, an integral part of the team, determine what type of evaluations are necessary to get a full view of the student, educationally.At the meeting the following areas, "domains", are discussed:  Hearing; Vision; Social Emotional Status; Academics; General Intelligence; Communication; Motor Skills;.

At the meeting, a parent can expect to meet a variety of school personnel, possibly to include:  The School Psychologist; The School Social Worker; General Education Teacher;Special Education Teacher; and representation from school administration.

  • The School Nurse will discuss whether a hearing or vision screening needs to be completed, or other health related evaluations for the Case Study. 
  • The School Psychologist will discuss any general intelligence or achievement testing needing to be completed.
  • The School Social Worker will discuss whether a social developmental history is a necessary component of the case study.
  • The General Education Teacher will discuss performance in the classroom , as will the special education teacher, as warranted. 

AS THE PARENT...You are an integral part of this team.  If at any time, you do not understand what is being discussed, please ask staff members for clarification.  The school staff are aware that your child is the most important aspect of your life and their education is something you take very seriously.

Following the discussion of the domains, it will be determined whether or not additional information is needed, by way of evaluation, to determine initial or continued eligibility for Special Education Services, in alignment with the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Consent:  Parents will be asked to sign either agreeing that no further information is necessary, or giving consent to perform the evaluations as stated in the Domain Review Paperwork.

Your signature of consent to evaluate, or agreement that no further evaluation is necessary, begins the sixty day timeline staff members have to complete the case study evaluation.  Please note that sixty days is in reference to sixty school days.

You will receive copies of all paperwork completed at the domain review meeting.  If you do not understand information in the paperwork following the meeting, please feel free to contact any member of the team.