Homebound Services

A student may receive educational services at home, in a hospital or other setting because he or she is unable to attend school due to a medical condition.  When an eligible student has a medical condition that will cause an absence for two or more consecutive weeks of school or for an ongoing intermittent absences then the child shall be considered for home hospital services.

The amount of instructional time shall not be less than 5 hours per week unless a physician has certified in writing that the child should not receive that amount of instruction in a school week.  Instructional time shall be scheduled only on days when school is in regular session.  Homebound tutoring must be renewed every six weeks.

Services may begin when the completed Application for Home/Hospital Services form has been returned to the Student Services office.  The Application should include a parent or guardian signature, the physician's name, address, signature, reason and length of absence and the school official's signature.

People with questions regarding home/hospital instruction should contact Student Services at the District Office.