Extended School Year (ESY)

ESY Administrative Staff

ESY Directors
Susan Kondrat
Early Childhood

Sarah Cannon

Skip Kumm


District Office Contacts
Colleen Cook Director of Special Education, EC-5

Anna Bahramis
Director of Special Education, 6-12+

Karen Spaeth
Administrative Assistant
(630) 617-2357


Madison Early Childhood
Phone:  630-617-8264

Kindergarten through 5th Grade
Phone:  630-834-4548

6th Grade through High School
Phone:  630-617-2492

Transition students
Phone:  630-617-2492


Parents/guardians of students who are recommended for Extended School Year services will soon receive an email from the District.


Positions are posted on Applitrack.  Applications can be made through Applitrack via the elmhurst205.org website (Opportunities/Job Opportunities). 

Extended School Year (ESY) 2023


Open to Students with Disabilities by IEP Team Decision




The Extended School Year (ESY) program provides special education and related services to students with disabilities, beyond the normal school year in accordance with the child’s IEP and at no cost to the parents of the child. Eligibility for ESY services is determined by the student’s IEP team members, which includes parents. Teams will consider the severity of the student’s needs, evidence of past loss of skills during extended breaks from school, and patterns of recoupment of skills when returning from breaks. The purpose of ESY is to help students maintain current skill levels. Typically, teams determine ESY eligibility in the spring. Children may be eligible to receive academic support and/or related service support during ESY (e.g., occupational therapy, social work, speech/language support, and physical therapy).

Program Information:

  • Dates: 
    º  All ESY Programs will run from June 5, 2023 through June 30, 2023

    º  Classes take place Mondays--Thursdays (no classes on Fridays)

    º  For the week of June 20th classes will be in session Tuesday to     
  • Hours:  
    º  For students in Early Childhood programs, classes start at 8:30 am        and run through 11:30 am. 

    º  For students in all other academic programs, classes start at 8:00 
        am and end at 12:00 pm.
  • Location:
    º  For Early Childhood students, our classes are located at Madison Early-
        Childhood Center.
    º  For students entering grades 1st through 5th, the program will be held
        at Lincoln Elementary School.
    º  For students entering grades 6th through ESY High School students, the
        program will be held at York High School.
    º  For Transition Students, the program will be held at the Bridges 
        Transition Center.