Research & Assessment Staff

Jacob Wertz, Ph.D.

Director of Research & Program Analysis

Camille Steahly

Research & Assessment Assistant

Office of Research and assessment
The office of Research & Assessment implements and monitors a balanced assessment system that informs student learning, provides leadership and support for the analysis, disaggregation, and utilization of student data to promote growth and achievement, and coordinates implementation of all research and program analysis activities in the district
Administered throughout the year, assessments help monitor progress and aid in data-driven decision making. For comprehensive information, visit our Assessments and Data Collections page.
Research Approval
Research is instrumental in advancing academic efficiency. To ensure the integrity and effectiveness of this research, all studies conducted by both internal and external researchers are subject to review by the district’s Research Review Board (RRB). This process is aligned with our board policy and is a testament to our high standard. For detailed information on conducting research in our district, please visit Conduct Research.