Standards-Based Learning and Reporting

Standards Based System

Elmhurst CUSD 205 believes the purpose of the report card is to communicate students’ progress toward specific standards so that teachers, students, and parents/guardians can work together to advance student learning. A standards-based report card provides detailed information of how well students are progressing toward the identified standards in a specific content area. These standards directly align with the content that is being taught and assessed in the classroom. Students are continually assessed on their progress toward mastery of the expectations set forth at each reporting period. Over the course of the next several years, there will be full implementation throughout the District.

To learn more about Standards-Based Learning and Reporting, click here to download the parent guide. Click here to download the guide in Spanish. 

Standards Based Proficiency Scale

Proficiency Level







Student demonstrates the skill or understanding at a level exceeding the reporting period expectation.





Student demonstrates mastery and independence of the reporting period reporting standards.





Student demonstrates evidence that he/she is approaching the reporting period reporting standard, showing occasional independence or potential for independence toward meeting the standard.





Student demonstrates that he/she is working toward readiness for the reporting period reporting standard without independence.

Example Standards-Based Report Cards


Dual Language Kindergarten                        
1st Grade 
1st Grade Dual 
2nd Grade 
3rd Grade 
4th Grade 
5th Grade 
6th Grade