REACH Transition

Moving to REACH ELA

REACH ELA courses offer extension of grade-level content by utilizing complex and higher-level texts and tasks. Students identified for REACH ELA have demonstrated, through multiple measures, that they are ready for an enriched ELA curriculum.

Students moving from grade level to REACH ELA are encouraged to spend time over the summer reading and writing to maintain skills developed throughout the year in literacy.

REACH Math Transition

REACH Math courses offer fast-paced math instruction, and are targeted for students who learn math quickly with less repetition. Students identified for REACH Math have demonstrated, through multiple measures, that they are ready to make the transition to an accelerated math course.

Students moving from grade level to REACH Math are encouraged to spend time over the summer reviewing and learning math content, particularly if they are bypassing curriculum. For example, students moving from Grade 4 Math (CCSS 4) to Grade 5 REACH Math (CCSS 6 & 7) bypass direct instruction in the equivalent of Grade 5 Math (CCSS 5). Similarly, students making the transition from grade-level to single-accelerated math, or from single- to double-accelerated math bypass direct instruction in a year-long math course.

To help students to prepare for the transition to an accelerated math course, they are encouraged to participate in Summer Bridge Math.

Summer Bridge Math

Summer Bridge Math is strongly encouraged for students transitioning to accelerated math, as they may not have the opportunity to receive direct instruction in some topics.

Students transitioning to an accelerated math course are provided the opportunity to enroll in a Summer Bridge Math course that will be set up by Elmhurst District 205. The course is largely virtual (online) and uses Khan Academy as a resource. Students are enrolled in the appropriate level and parents may monitor their child's progress.

Summer Bridge Math formally runs during June and July. Students eligible for Summer Bridge Math are automatically enrolled and receive instructions on accessing the course via email in May/June. Exact dates are provided to participants in this communication.

Withdrawal & Exit

A parent/guardian wishing to withdraw her/his child from REACH or decline REACH services must contact their building principal. 

In the event that a student exhibits significant struggle in class and/or is earning a grade below a C, a Withdrawal Request may be submitted by a teacher or administrator. This may be due to academic difficulty, and/or other issues, such as social-emotional or behavioral challenges, that impact the student's learning. Submission of a Withdrawal Request does not immediately result in a student's exit from the program, and initiates the following:

  1. The principal contacts a parent/guardian to inform them of the student's difficulty and families are invited for a conference.
  2. A Learning Plan is devised for the student and effective for a predetermined amount of time, typically 4-6 weeks.
  3. Students who are successful following the Learning Plan continue in the relevant course(s). Students who are not successful with the Learning Plan may be exited from the respective placement.
  4. Decisions to exit students are made on a case-by-case basis and communicated to families by the principal.

Students who are exited from REACH may be considered for placement at a later time and when they demonstrate need for extension or acceleration.