ELA Enrichment

The National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) defines enrichment as "activities that add or go beyond the existing curriculum. They may occur in the classroom or in a separate setting, such as a pull-out program."

The classroom teacher is the primary source of enrichment, providing extension opportunities for all students. S/he works with flexible groups of students who demonstrate through classroom performance the need for learning extensions in ELA. REACH teachers support classroom teachers with differentiating instruction and developing rigorous activities to meet children’s learning needs.

The REACH program provides various academic enhancements based on the age and academic needs of students. REACH ELA (grades 3-5) and REACH English (grades 6-8) are enrichment programs that augment grade-level standards and promote critical and creative thinking.


Grade Level




Classroom enrichment (CCSS K)


Grade 1 ELA (CCSS 1)

Classroom enrichment (CCSS 1)


Grade 2 ELA (CCSS 2)

Classroom enrichment (CCSS 2)


Grade 3 ELA (CCSS 3)

Grade 3 REACH ELA* (CCSS 3)


Grade 4 ELA (CCSS 4)

Grade 4 REACH ELA* (CCSS 4)


Grade 5 ELA (CCSS 5)

Grade 5 REACH ELA* (CCSS 5)


 English 6 (CCSS 6

REACH English 6 (CCSS 6)


English 7 (CCSS 7)

REACH English 7 (CCSS 7)


English 8 (CCSS 8)

REACH English 8 (CCSS 8)


English 9

English 9 Honors


English 10

English 10 Honors


English 11

 AP© Language & Composition 


 Senior English Elective 

AP© Literature & Composition


*Elementary REACH ELA meets during the Acceleration Block.

Elementary School

Enrichment (K - Grade 2)

REACH teachers support early elementary teachers with instructional strategies and resources to help enhance curriculum in Kindergarten through Grade 2. The ELA curriculum is based in the respective grade-level ELA Common Core State Standards.

REACH ELA (Grades 3-5)

Students in REACH ELA meet for 30 minutes daily, during the Acceleration Block and work directly with the REACH teacher. REACH ELA augments grade-level standards using above-grade-level texts and requiring students to complete complex tasks. 

Middle School

REACH English (Grades 6-8)

REACH English is a middle school course that meets daily. REACH English enhances grade-level standards by utilizing resources and materials that are above grade level in content and complexity. 

High School

Honors English

Honors English prepares students for Advanced Placement© (AP©) English. Honors English courses require students to demonstrate a sophisticated ability to read and analyze texts. Expectations of Honors-level students include analysis of more than one text concurrently as well as quicker acquisition of skill targets or objectives, especially in the area of writing.

Advanced Placement© (AP©) English

Advanced Placement© (AP©) English courses expose students to the type of scholarly environment and rigor that is comparable to an introductory college course.  Students are strongly encouraged to take the AP© exam in spring.

Advance College Project (ACP) English

The Advance College Project (ACP) at Elmhurst District 205 is a partnership with Indiana University in which students may enroll in a college-credit bearing course while in high school. Students receive an Indiana University transcript upon completion of their high school academic career.