Beginner Registration

This page contains detailed information about the Beginning Band and Orchestra program in District 205 as well as how to register your student. For a brief overview of the information below, consider watching the informational slideshow HERE.

District 205 Elementary Instrumental Music Program Description

This program includes two components: Instrument Lessons and Ensemble Rehearsals. Attendance at both is required of all students enrolled in band or orchestra. There is a District fee of $30.00 for participation in the program. This fee covers instruction for one school year and does not include the cost of instrument rental, method books, or accessories.  Families who are eligible for free/reduced lunch or fee waivers are also eligible to have this fee waived.

Band and Orchestra Instrument Lessons

Instrument lessons focus on students’ individual musical performance skills. Students enrolled in band or orchestra will attend one 30-minute small-group instrument lesson per week during the regular school day. Students leave their regular classes to attend their instrument lessons, taught in a small group of two to five students. During lessons, directors demonstrate and explain instrument-specific concepts and skills, teach students to read standard music notation, and assess each student’s individual progress. Directors will distribute a schedule of lesson times to all students the week before lessons begin. Lessons for Beginning Band and Orchestra students will start in late September.

Band and Orchestra Ensemble Rehearsals

Ensemble rehearsals focus on group performance. Students rehearse in a Band or Orchestra for approximately 45 minutes one day per week. During ensemble rehearsals, directors teach students to perform together as a large group and prepare music for two or three performances per year. Families must provide their own transportation for ensemble rehearsals. Busing may be available depending on which school the student attends, additional information will be provided where applicable. Rehearsals for 5th graders will begin in October and 4th graders will begin in November. Directors will distribute a rehearsal schedule to all students the week before lessons begin. Rehearsals for 5th graders will begin in October and 4th graders will begin in November. **NEW for 2022-2023: These rehearsals are tentatively scheduled to occur before school at the student's elementary school. Students and families will receive additional details from their directors in September.**

Registration Process