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Library (K-12)

The District 205 Library Media Program is driven by the Common Core Crosswalk which align the American Association of School Libraries Standards for 21st Century Learners with the Common Core Standards.

Linking for Learning, The Illinois School Library Media Program guidelines, 3rd edition was published in 2010.  Their work put forth the following mission statement for all Illinois school libraries.

The mission of every Illinois school library media program is to collaborate with other members of the school and global communities, empowering students with the essential skills for using ideas and information effectively and enabling them to become lifelong learners.

The Vision 
The school library media program is an integral component of each school’s educational program, in which everyone is a teacher, learner, producer, and contributor. Through the instructional activities, resources, facilities, and technologies provided in the program, students and staff become effective and efficient lifelong users and creators of ideas and information. To create an environment conducive to an inquiry-based approach to learning, the program promotes information literacy, media literacy, visual literacy, and technology literacy. The program promotes collaboration, uses technologies that enable global networking and equitable access to information resources, and shifts the focus of learning to an inquiry model, which promotes higher-order thinking that continually adapts to meet the learners’ needs.

The school library information specialist is an active and visible leader throughout school community. Through collaboration, the school library information specialist promotes an environment conducive to active and participatory learning that is resource-based, has a global reach, and is available from wherever the learner is located. The school library information specialist actively participates in professional development programs and both leads and promotes professional development opportunities for members of the school community. The school library information specialist “empowers students to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information.”  The school library information specialist’s professional leadership assures that each program component is skillfully and effectively managed to achieve the goals established through strategic planning. (Linking for Learning, The Illinois School Library Media Program guidelines, 3rd edition was published in 2010.)