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Discovery Streaming Closed Caption Files

When you download a Discovery Streaming video that has closed captions, you will also need to download the CC (closed caption) file so that you will be able to see the words scroll at the bottom of the video when it is playing.  Closed Captions will assist ELL students, struggling readers and can be used to emphasize grammar and vocabulary. 

Instructions on downloading and editing the Closed Caption file can be found here

Using the Elmo Document Camera to Create Digital Video

By attaching a digital camera to USB cable from the Elmo document camera to your laptop, digital video files can be created and saved to your desktop or shared with staff and students. The USB cable that came with your document camera is gray. One end will fit into the USB port of your laptop. The other end will fit into the port in the base of the Elmo document camera. If you do not see Elmo software on your computer, please send a tech request to D205 Tech Services.

Handout: Elmo Document Camera Setup for Video

Document Cameras in the Classroom

Document cameras are becoming more and more available in classrooms. If you have one available to you and are ready for some new ideas on how to use a document camera in the classroom, check out some of these online resources:

Find Sounds Search Engine

Sounds can help clarify some words for ELL students. They can also add to a podcast, digital story or poem and many other student or teacher created projects. Find Sounds search engine will search for terms that you enter and return a variety of audio tracks that can be downloaded and used in your digital work.

Be sure to follow copyright rules when using any type of media.

SMART Board Resources

Grade 1 SMART Board Resources

Getting Started with SMART Boards

Training Opportunities:

SMART Board Notebook Express

Other Interactive White Board Resources

SMART PE Response Units

 Getting Started

Tablet Users

Dell XT2 Tablet Overview

Resources for the tablet users at D205....

Virtual Teacher Network

Building a Personal Learning Network (PLN) is an important part of 21st century learning. The District 205 Virtual Teacher Network is meant to support teachers as they collaborate with teachers and other professionals within and outside of our community. Suggested and available tools are:

  • Skype - Skype is a part of our standardized software and should be on all teacher computers.
  • Twitter - The gateway to learning and building personal learning networks. 
  • Delicious / Diigo - Social Bookmarking
  • WiZiQ - Education online for teachers and learners