iDevice Resources

Introduction to the iPad  - A nice YouTube video that reviews the various controls, ports, basic app management, etc for new iPad users.

App Sites


  1. App Annie - Education
  2. Apple - Video Showcase of iPad 2 Apps
  3. Apps in Education
  4. Appvaluator   NEW!
  5. Burley School Chicago iPad Project
  6. ePub Bud for Education  - Students create and publish eBooks
  7. Foreign Language Apps
  8. iPad Apps for Administrators
  9. iPad Information and Resources - Northbrook School District 28
  10. iPad Information for Administrators
  11. iPadio - Organic Learning
  12. iPad Project
  13. iPad Keyboarding Tips
  14. iPods and iPads in the Classroom
  15. iPodibilities
  16. iRead - Escondido, California
  17. Jeffrey Groves Elementary School iPad iPod Resources
  18. Kathy Schrock iPads in the Classroom
  19. Learning Continuity with iPod Touches and iPads
  20. Lee Elementary iPod Touch Blog
  21. Lombard School District 44 iPad / iPod Project
  22. Mom's with Apps
  23. Scott Meech - iEAR I Education Apps Review
  24. Social Studies Apps for the iPad
  25. Teach With Your iPad - Blooms Taxonomy with Apps
  26. Tony Vincent - Learning in Hand
  27. US Government Apps
  28. Podcast Out of the Box - Contact Cathy Baker for more information
  29. The Digital Teacher has some great iPad management tips

Online Tutorials & Resource

Video of iPod Touches in the Classroom

App Store Volume Purchase Program (VPP)

iPod Touch / iPad Cart Information

D205 iDevice User Group (iUG)

iPod Touch


  • iMovie App Overview
    • News / Weather Reports
    • Storytelling
    • Use with other apps (Screen shots imported into movie and add audio) such as
      • Number Line to explain answers 
      • Comic Lite to tell story
      • Doodle Buddy to diagram and explain
  • Edmodo and the Edmodo App
  • Screencasting to the iPod Touch
  • Improving Literacy - Escondido, CA - Grade 4
  • Comic Lite
    • Check for comprehension
    • Application & synthesis of knowledge
    • Storyboarding for writing
  • Activities
    • Have students create audio books to share
    • Tour of the school
    • Student book talks
    • Audio directions for centers
    • Students record questions when teacher is busy with small group

iPad Pilot

Students as Teachers - Socrative Response System (free)

Socrative Web Site 

iPad / iPod App

Set up a quiz in Socrative. Students enter answers from laptops, iPads or iPods. 

  • Multiple choice, True / False or short answer
  • Entrance and exit slips
  • Space Race