In the elementary school, health topics are incorporated as part of the science curriculum. There are a variety of health topics that are covered each year by the classroom teachers.  To see a list of the elementary health units by grade level, click here.

The middle school curriculum is designed to aid each student in understanding the factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. The goal of the curriculum is to introduce, develop and apply the following areas of wellness: nutrition, body systems, growth and development, principles of exercise, safety and consumer awareness. The curriculum will be implemented in both the classroom environment as well as the fitness center. The fitness center will be used to create a hands-on environment that allows students to actively apply the knowledge gained through classroom instruction.

The high school curriculum is designed to aid each student in developing a lifestyle that promotes wellness by providing up-to-date health related information as a basis for making informed health decisions. The course is taught freshmen year and the topics covered include the following: building a healthy foundation, life cycles, body systems, diseases and disorders, medicine and drugs, first aid, and CPR.


The goal of the Health program is to teach all children how to make choices and decisions that will contribute to their health in a positive manner, and to avoid choices and activities that will put them at risk. It is the goal of our health program to create life-long learners who will be healthy, highly functioning, and contributing members of their homes, their schools, and their communities.