Industrial Technology

The Industrial Technology curriculum of School District 205 is designed to effectively prepare students for vocational and technical careers and to help students continually adapt to the changing demands of the work force. This curriculum is independent of a student’s sex, ethnic origin, or socioeconomic status. It serves to help students develop occupational skills necessary to obtain meaningful entry level employment, to acquire good work habits, to develop an appreciation for quality performance and craftsmanship, to be aware of various employment opportunities, and to produce an understanding of the importance of responding to change and mobility in the job market.

An Industrial Technology background for all students is essential if we are to adequately prepare youth to appreciate, understand, and participate in the activities created by the ever changing technological age characterized by the widespread use of technological media. The curriculum provides for computer assisted instruction, design, and manufacturing to address this need.

Participation in Industrial Technology course work allows essential opportunities for students to transfer and apply knowledge and skills they have gained in areas such as math, science, and language arts into practical working situations useful for everyday living. Participation in Industrial Technology courses also provides students the opportunity to develop skills that can be used in meaningful leisure time activities as well as personal gain in the home.

The Industrial Technology curriculum is exploratory in nature with an ever increasing focus on the specifics of each discipline as the students move from the middle school through the high school levels. The curriculum provides appropriate developmental activities that give students opportunities to practice creative expression through the use of basic tools, materials, and processes. The curriculum helps students develop their organizational and problem solving skills through information collection, analysis, and communication; through logical thinking and procedures; and through the development of basic responsibilities inherent in the completion of tasks. The curriculum also emphasizes that learning is a life-long process.

Finally, the Industrial Technology curriculum provides instruction in safe practices while students work with hand tools, machine tools, and eco-sensitive chemicals. Inherent in this safety instruction is the realization that the curriculum must also address the areas of personal health and the environmental impact of using a variety of materials and processes.