Social Media Tips

A Guide to Social Media Usage 1.0

Social media is one of the most popular ways to share accomplishments, best practices, and the learning fun that occurs in education everyday, yet the pitfalls make new and even seasoned educators nervous when trying to establish an entertaining and enlightening digital footprint. The District 205 Communications and Public Relations Department is here to support our teachers and educational leaders who are starting their social media journey.

The number one rule is: Share the Awesome! We have the best jobs in the world. What we do is about and for kids. Sharing the good news about D205 on social media should be fun, not a chore. Whether using an official D205 channel at the building or district level or using your personal accounts, take it slowly and build upwards from there. Make it a goal to post once or twice a week and be consistent. 

Smartphones make it easier to be D205 social media champions and storytellers across the district. As you begin to share the awesome, remember to like, share, and follow the District on social media via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Social media has become our fastest way of sharing school news, delays and closing, and weather-related information. Finally, always remember to add District hashtags, #D205 or #FowardTogetherD205 to your posts, so that we can share in the excitement and keep the conversation going.

Have a great year! Go Dukes! Go D205!

Social Media Tips for Teachers and Educators