Communication Tools


Talk205 is an email newsletter sent out every Monday (during the school year) which is comprised of general news items shared with all District 205 parents, staff and Key Communicators. Interested community members may sign up to receive these messages by clicking here for the Talk205 link.




Virtual Backpack (Electronic) 
Community Events for Families

Updated weekly throughout the school year

To promote community non-profit activities that are fun and educational for students. New items are posted weekly on the Virtual Backpack page and referenced in Talk205.

Email Messaging System for Parents and Community Members who subscribe

Once weekly

To communicate timely information of  interest to parents and the community, such as District 205 news and initiatives, student and staff accomplishment

Board Highlights
Emails sent via Talk205 notifications


To share highlights of every Board of Education meeting - including Board actions, reports and proclamations - sent within 24 hours. Past editions archived under Board of Education.

School Newsletters

Varies. Often 1/week

To notify parents of events, accomplishments, announcements and school operations. (Communications Office provides standard copy for critical District information, as needed.)  School newsletters are posted on web pages and/or sent via Talk205.

News Releases

As needed

To alert press to District initiatives, board actions and major student/staff accomplishments.




District: To provide emergency and critical communications, board actions, district-wide news, breaking news, major events and accomplishments. School: Parent/student related information, events, activities, school accomplishments. Teacher: Classroom news, homework, etc.

Automated Phone Calls
Voice Messages powered by SchoolMessenger (part of the Talk205 system)


As needed

District: To provide critical information to all District parents and/or staff.
School: To provide critical information or updates specific to individual school parents/staff.

Staff Newsletters (Internal)

Once per momth

To provide staff with important information related to District initiatives, Board actions, major accomplishments, news and events.

School News

Weekly throughout the school year

To provide a listing of school events, student accomplishments and photo opportunities disseminated to the press.