Public Comment Procedure

Public Comment Procedures:

Governor Pritzker moved Illinois into Phase 5 related to the COVID-19 pandemic for all Illinois counties. Phase 5 guidelines will be followed.

In accordance with Board Policy 2.230, members of the public may provide public comment at the meeting.  A sign-up sheet will be available at the entrance to the building based on time posted on the agenda until the Board returns to open session. The Board President will call the public comment speaker to the podium based on the order in which the speakers sign in, on the evening of the board meeting. The Board meeting begins according to the time indicated on the agenda. If the agenda indicates a closed session before public comment, the Board opens the meeting and then a motion is given to go into closed session.  After closed session, the Board will reconvene to open session. Please refer to the specific meeting agenda for the open session time. 

Click here to obtain the meeting agenda. In accordance with Board Policy 2:230, members of the public will be allocated up to 3-minutes per speaker. The Board President has set up to 30-minutes as the length of time for the public comment section of this meeting, unless the agenda indicates otherwise.

The Board Meetings continue to be live-streamed for viewing on the District’s website.