SRTS is an international movement, federally funded in America, which encourages school children to walk or bike to school. SPRTS addresses growing obesity trends in our children, reduces our carbon footprint, and alleviates traffic congestion around schools.

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Walk and Bike to School


National Bike Month is celebrated in May, in coordination with the League of American Bicyclists.

National Walk/Bike to School Day is set for Wednesday, May 6 and will be celebrated by our K-8 schools during that week. This fourth annual event builds on the popularity of International Walk to School Day, which is celebrated across the world each October.

The League of Illinois Bicyclists has created an online safety quiz for cyclists and drivers. Individual quizzes are offered in an interactive multiple-choice format for child bicyclists, adult bicyclists and motorists, at three levels of difficulty. Visit http://bikesafetyquiz.com to take the quiz.

District 205 schools have been holding spring walk and bike-to-school events for years. The 2015 celebration will be coordinated by the Safe Routes To School Committee of the Elmhurst Community Bike Task Force. The District has received over $80,000 in federal Department of Transportation grant monies that have paid for new bike racks, speed feedback signs and other educational materials, as well as bike helmets and participation incentives.