Tests and Measures

District Assessments

Every school’s goal is for all children to grow and learn. Just as we use a tape measure to mark a person’s physical growth, in schools we use a variety of assessments to measure learning. Teachers use these results to help plan instruction and provide appropriate support.


AIMsweb allows for quick assessment of basic skills: letter naming, letter sounds, sounding out letter combinations, as well as reading fluency and math computation. Students in kindergarten through fifth grade are assessed using AIMSweb in the fall, winter, and spring.


NWEA Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

The MAP assessment measures each student’s reading and mathematical achievement level and growth throughout the year and from one year to the next. It also compares student performance to students in the same grade in District 205 and across the nation. The computer individualizes the test for each student; a question’s difficulty is based on how well the student has answered all previous questions.


The MAP assessment is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The assessment of reading measures skills in understanding and using both literary texts and informational texts. It also includes foundational skills such as vocabulary. The math assessment measures skills such as algebraic thinking, mathimatical operations, measurement, geometry, statistics and probability.


The tests are administered on-line three times a year in fall, winter, and spring.  All 2nd - 8th grade students are assessed in reading and math in both the fall and the spring. Some students may also be assessed in the winter.


For more information:

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Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT)

ISAT is a State mandated achievement test that measures a student’s learning in relation to the Illinois Learning Standards . Assessments in reading and mathematics are administered over several days to grades three through eighth grade at the beginning of March. Science is tested in fourth and seventh grades.



Explore, the first in three measures used in combination to focus on meeting academic standards across the entire secondary school core program of studies, measures achievement in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. The high school uses the results as one measure in determining course placement and as a baseline in monitoring student achievement. Students take the assessment in November / December of eighth grade.


PLAN, a “pre-ACT” test, helps tenth graders measure their current academic development, explore career/training options, and make plans for the remaining years of high school and post-graduation years. Students take the test during the fall of their sophomore year.


Prairie State Achievement Examination (PSAE/ACT) is required by the State of Illinois for high school graduation. All students classified as juniors take the ACT and PSAE. The ACT assessment is the final test in the series of Explore-Plan-ACT. It measures the skills necessary for college coursework in reading, mathematics, science, and writing. The Workkeys assessment measures a student’s learning in relation to the Illinois Learning Standards in reading, writing, mathematics, science and social science. Students take the tests in early April.

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