Technology Vision

Curriculum-driven technology is integrated into diverse learning environments to enable learners to responsibly access, analyze, create, develop and share knowledge. Proactive planning ensures that instructional technology, information systems, and telecommunications are relevant and continually advance educational, operational, and stakeholder engagement excellence.

Tech Information for District 205 Employees

Elmhurst 205 employees, for technology information and tips visit the Technology intranet site! (Click here to access the staff intranet)

2013-2014 Technology Deployment

The 2013-2014 technology deployment includes the following:

Classroom Technology. The Technology department collaborates with the Curriculum and Instruction department and other District stakeholders ...more

2012-2015 Technology Integration Plan

Illinois school districts submit a Technology Integration Plan (TIP) to the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) every three years. District 205’s 2012-2015 TIP was submitted on February 28, 2012 and ISBE approved the plan on April 10, 2012. The TIP outlines technology-related strategies, activities and expenditures for instruction, professional development, and technology deployment. The TIP was developed with input from stakeholder groups including the district’s Curricular Technology Committee (with representatives from each of our schools), the York Technology Committee, and through a variety of means including staff surveys, teacher focus group discussions, and other modes of informal communication and feedback.

Tech Director

Smith, David
Director of Technology, davidsmith@elmhurst205.org
Dolan, Jan
Administrative Assistant to Technology jdolan@elmhurst205.org

Instructional Tech

Baker, Cathy
EC-12 Instructional Technology Coordinator, cbaker@elmhurst205.org

Information Systems

Esposito, Carol
Technology Reporting Specialist cesposito@elmhurst205.org
Minkema, Martha
Systems Analyst mminkema@elmhurst205.org

Web & Electronic Communication

Schroeder, Katherine
Electronic Communications Specialist kschroeder@elmhurst205.org

Computer and Network Support

Dunk, Brian
District Technology Manager dunk@elmhurst205.org
Hossain, Mohammed
Senior Network/System Administrator mhossain@elmhurst205.org
Ng, Jason
Network/System Administrator jng@elmhurst205.org
Pacheco, Kevin
Technology Support Specialist kpacheco@elmhurst205.org
Sandoval, Jesus
Technology Support Specialist jsandoval@elmhurst205.org
Tomczynski, Adam
Technology Specialist atomczynski@elmhurst205.org

Media Support

Kusper, Mark
Technology/Media Coordinator mkusper@elmhurst205.org
Mooney, Todd
District Media Staff tmooney@elmhurst205.org

Project Manager

Wiggins, Allison
Technology Project Manager awiggins@elmhurst205.org