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PowerSchool Parent “Single Sign-On”

Conversion - November 25, 2012 @10 PM

Parent Single Sign-On changes the way in which parents/guardians access their students’ academic records using the PowerSchool Parent Portal. Parent Single Sign-On offers a number of benefits, including access to multiple students with one login, a personalized account for each parent and guardian, the ability for parents/guardians to retrieve their own login information, and the option for Apple IOS users to use Pearson PowerSchool Apps.

The conversion to Single Sign-On began Sunday, November 25th @ 10 PM.

For issues with your login - please contact the school office where your child is enrolled.

What does this mean for parents?

Parents must use the current information they have as logins for each child to create one new login with a username and password of their choosing.  With this information they will be able to login one time and switch between student’s accounts without logging out and logging back in. After the conversion:

  • Existing parent logins (one for each student) will no longer work,
  • Parents will be required to establish a Single Sign-On account (one login for multiple students), and
  • Parents will be able to manage their own email and password.

What will you need to sign up?

Information for Parent Account

  • First Name – Parent First Name
  • Last Name – Parent Last Name
  • Email – Parent Email Address
  • Desired Username – Must be unique
  • Password – Must be at least 6 characters long

Link Students to Account

Enter the information:

  • Student Name = First name of student
  • AccessID = Parent Login for this student – case sensitive (this is different than the student login)
  • Access Password = Parent Password for this student – case sensitive (this is different than the student login)

Repeat for each student. Submit.

For more information, please download instructions here.

What does this mean for students?

Student account login will not change. 

If students are having problems with the sign on - please see:

  • Counseling Department Secretaries for assistance at York, or
  • Middle School Secretaries at Bryan, Churchville or Sandburg.