Instructional Technology Overview


  • What is it we expect our students to learn?
  • How will they learn it?
  • How will we know what our students have learned?
  • How will we respond when our students don't learn?
  • How will we respond when our students do learn?

The District 205 Technology Help Desk is available to assist when problems occur such as your computer will not boot up, you or a student is not able to log in, a printer is not online, etc. Rebooting a computer and checking to see that the cords are all secure will solve many problems. If your problem does not get resolved by simple trouble shooting, call x2000 or email TechHelp@elmhurst205.org . Be sure to include:

  • your building,
  • your room number,
  • which computer is having the problem (If it is multiple computers in your building or the computer lab having the problem, please be sure to include this information)
  • the best way and time to reach you in case they have a question, and
  • as much information about the problem as possible.

NETS - National Educational Technology Standards


D205 Software

  Online Resources (Additional resources may be available at your school by visiting your Library website.) Please review Internet Safety information prior to using online tools with your students. Online tools should be used to address the curricular goals that are presently in place within your grade level.
  • Culture Grams - See your librarians for remote access information
  • Edmodo (communication- all ages) (Pilot - Please contact Cathy Baker if you are interested in being a part of this pilot)
  • Follett Destiny OPAC Library Search - Search our libraries from home or at school
  • Kidblog - Safe and simple blogging for students
  • PB Wiki / WikiSpaces (collaboration/research - all ages) - No cost wiki site that is student friendly. Teacher is responsible for all postings)
  • QUIA - One subscription at the district level to create activities. No subscription needed to use activities. 
  • Skype (Collaboration) - Skype is standardized software for teacher laptops. If Skype is not available, please send a request to Tech Help. While some teachers may have laptops without cameras, please be aware that text chats and audio Skyping are still a valid way to bring global connections into the classroom.
  • Smart Notebook 11
  • Typing Programs - Type to Learn 4 (Elementary), Custom Typing (Middle School)
  • Discovery Streaming Video - Sign up information is located in Groups: Technology - Instructional
  • Wordle (Create word clouds - Create area is for all ages. At this time, gallery is blocked.) There are a number of ways that this site can be used to include higher level thinking. Do a search of "Wordle in the Classroom" for ideas.
  • Teacher station (laptop)
  • Elementary Student Laptops (4 per classroom - average)
  • Elementary TRC - One to one computing
  • Middle School Computer Labs - One to one computing (2 per building)
  • Middle School Laptop Carts
  • Health and PE Asus Eee Mini Laptop Carts
  • High School Computer Labs - One to one computing
  • Chromebook Pilots - Grades 6-12

May vary by school

  • Digital cameras (still and video)
  • LCD projectors
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Scanners
  • Student response systems
  • iPads, iPad Minis and iPods

Online Textbooks 

  Student Management
  Special Education Software
  Tutorials / Professional Growth
  Home Access for Staff
  Contact Information