District Office Directory
Baker, Cathy (630) 834-4530 ex.2786 EC-12 Instructional Technology Coordinator, [email protected]
Bennett, Joyce (630) 617-2490 Administrative Assistant for Student Services [email protected]
Brahm, Gina (630) 617-2357 Administrative Assistant for Student Services [email protected]
Bressani, Vanessa (630) 617-8328 Administrative Assistant for Student Services [email protected]
Bretl, Kris (630) 993-8866 Program Facilitator [email protected]
Chester, Connie (630) 834-4530 ex.2787 K-12 World Language/ Unified Arts Curriculum Coordinator [email protected]
Cicinelli, Kim (630) 617-2322 ex.2807 Payroll - Classified Staff [email protected]
Citko, Debbie (630) 617-2430 Office Manager - Buildings & Grounds [email protected]
Conwell, RN CSN, Jennifer Assistant Health Services Coordinator [email protected]
Cosylion, Cecilia (630) 617-2325 Administrative Assistant for Finance
Dolan, Jan (630) 834-4530 ex.2841 Administrative Assistant to Technology [email protected]
Dunk, Brian (630) 617-2324 District Technology Manager [email protected]
Esposito, Carol (630) 617-8263 Technology Reporting Specialist [email protected]
Fanelli, Lisa (630) 617-2328 Foundation Director [email protected]
Floeckher, Annette Accounts Payable [email protected]
Gaerlan, Adrian (630) 617-2323 Assistant Director of Financial Affairs [email protected]
Hillman, Brad (630) 834-4530 ex.2740 Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources [email protected]
Hollstein, Debbie (630) 941-4719 Administrative Assistant - Communications/Alumni [email protected]
Hossain, Mohammed Senior Network/System Administrator [email protected]
Huisel, Amy (630) 617-4783 Administrative Assistant for Finance [email protected]
Jercich, Sheila (630) 993-6670 K-5 Special Ed. Supervisor [email protected]
Johns, Charles (630) 617-2306 Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction [email protected]
Knighton, Pam (630) 617-2321 Human Resources Secretary Receptionist [email protected]
Liace, Kathleen EC-12 REACH/Literacy Coordinator [email protected]
Marquardt, Debby (630) 617-2302 Administrative Assistant to Human Resources
Martin, Cyndi K-8 Special Ed. Supervisor [email protected]
McDonald, Elizabeth Math/Science Coordinator [email protected]
Minkema, Martha (630) 617-2315 Systems Analyst [email protected]
Miranda, Diane Substitute Coordinator [email protected]
Morser, John Building Manager [email protected]
Motto, Tina Custodian
Mulattieri, Karen EC-12 ELL & Social Studies Coordinator [email protected]
Murphy, RN CSN, Tammie Health Services Coordinator [email protected]
Ng, Jason Network/System Administrator [email protected]
Olson, Chris (630) 617-2307 Administrative Assistant for Curriculum & Instruction [email protected]
Paus, Kathy (630) 617-2320 Accounts Payable [email protected]
Perez, Helen (630) 834-4530 ex.2712 Internal Auditor [email protected]
Pruneau, David (630) 617-2304 Superintendent of Schools [email protected]
Reed, Audrey (630) 617-2316 Benefits Coordinator [email protected]
Romano, Angelica (630) 834-4530 ex.2745 Human Resources Coordinator
Schnoor, Meg (630) 617-8328 Assistant Superintendent for Student Services [email protected]
Schroeder, Katherine (630) 993-6679 Electronic Communications Specialist [email protected]
Schuh, Frank (630) 834-4530 ex.2720 Director of Buildings and Grounds [email protected]
Setaram, Sharda (630) 834-4530 ex.2804 Administrative Assistant - Payroll [email protected]
Smith, David (630) 993-6606 Director of Technology, [email protected]
Smith, Melea (630) 993-8863 Director of Communications and Public Relations [email protected]
Sprandel, Charles (630) 834-4530 ex.2783 Director of Research, Assessment and Quality Analysis [email protected]
Walsh, Ellen (630) 617-2308 ex.2782 Administrative Assistant for Curriculum & Instruction [email protected]
Walsh, Ellen M (630) 617-2304 Executive Assistant to the Superintendent [email protected]
Whelton, Christopher (630) 617-2312 Assistant Superintendent for Finance & Operations [email protected]
Wiggins, Allison (630) 834-4530 ex.2842 Technology Project Manager [email protected]